U of I Engineering Design Expo showcase student innovations

MOSCOW, ID - Teams of University of Idaho engineers displayed their capstone projects Friday at the 20th annual Engineering Expo.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin shows us some of the most eye-catching inventions, and some products that will go from the expo to it's industry.

The University of Idaho's Engineering Expo is filled with brilliant ideas developed by teams of engineering seniors.

"My project is to basically make a reader board of LED's out of the Kibbie Dome ceiling so we can display things like, 'Go Vandals,'" said U of I student Heather Tallman.

A few of these projects will soon be used in their prospective industries.

U of I student Eric Sprauge helped rebuild a pin setter that assembles knives for the company Buck Knives.

"We're taking a machine that's in the manufacturing process for Buck Knives and we're actually improving it reliability wise and updating it for safety and regulation code," said Sprauge.

Another team created a pumpkin cannon that will be used at the Clearwater Corn Maze in the fall.

"It's just a simple air tank behind a butterfly valve and it holds 45 PSI," said U of I student Jeff Reznicek. "Once that opens up, it'll launch a pumpkin well over a thousand feet."

In the spirit of weaponry, another group designed a new bullet casing system for Lewiston's ATK factory.

"They just have a pile of bullets and a pile of cases," said U of I student Adriana Foreman." And they gave that to us and they wanted us to make some sort of prototype in order to orient them all in the same way to fill plates of 500."

It took the students all year to build these projects, but they say in the end, it was well worth it.

"This whole thing I drew on a notebook piece of paper once, it should look like this, and now it does," said Reznicek. It's a really good feeling."

Friday the engineering students presented their projects to judges, as well as many grade school students who came for a field trip.