U of I graduate is focused on giving back by walking across America

MOSCOW, ID - As the school year comes to an end for University of Idaho students, many seniors are preparing for life in the 'real world' by searching for a job, but one student has different plans.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces us to U of I senior Tommy Lukrich and explains his post-grad plans are truly unique.

"I feel good," said U of I Senior Tommy Lukrich. "I feel ready."

Graduation is right around the corner for University of Idaho Senior Tommy Lukrich.

"I'm receiving my bachelor of fine arts in theater performance," said Lukrich.

At this point, Lukrich isn't concerned with getting a job.

"The only reason that I've been able to complete my college career is because of the kindness and generosity of the people I've come across," said Lukrich.

He's focused on giving back.

"I'm going to be walking across America, handing out 100-dollar bills to kind and generous people I meet along the way," said Lukrich.

This cross-country trek will be about 3,000 miles, and Lukrich said he plans to average about 18-miles a day.

"Peanut butter, tortillas, it's going to be very minimalistic," said Lukrich.

He said it'll take him about six months, and he'll live off of whatever he can carry on his back.

"It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic because it's a very tight squeeze," said Lukrich.

He said he's training as much as possible.

"I wear this backpack," said Lukrich. "And I walk to class, and I get looks and so everyday it's training."

"I'm trying to keep all of the light stuff more towards the bottom," said Lukrich.

And when it comes to deciding who gets the money, Lukrich said it'll go to genuinely kind people.

"And you can really tell that they don't expect you to give anything back to them," said Lukrich. "And I think we've all had people in our lives who have done that for us. And those are the people I want to honor and reward."

"And so I'm really excited to be rewarding kindness with money because that'll kind of start a conversation in and of itself," said Lukrich.

Lukrich isn't sharing his starting and ending points for safety reasons, but he plans to take off on May 20th. He's raising money to hand out to the kind people he meets through an online Go Fund Me account called "Across America".