UI cuts six degree programs that have relatively few students

MOSCOW, ID - The University of Idaho is focusing on the future by making some cuts.

At Thursday's Idaho State Board of Education meeting in Pocatello, the university's prioritization plan was approved.

Over the past year the university has measured its programs and institutions with criteria like cost effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and how central it is to the school's mission.

Six programs, both bachelors and masters, will no longer be offered.

"They're degree programs that have relatively few students and they're part of larger disciplinary programs that will allow students to make other options," said Interim Provost and Executive Vice President, Katherine Aiken.

Aiken said money saved in eliminating the six programs will be invested into others that are being monitored and need improvements.

"People really looked at the work they were doing and how it aligned with our mission," said Aiken. "And in the first place I think many of them were pleased to see how well they were doing and that was positive. And the others that had some areas where they could improve, I think this gives them a clear path for doing that and it gives them some assistance."

The university will use some of the money it saved in eliminating programs to invest in and improve programs that are on the probation.