UI interviews third candidate for president, Doctor James Applegate

MOSCOW, ID - The third candidate that could become the next president of the University of Idaho made his trip to Moscow Tuesday.

Doctor James Applegate is a consultant who works with education and philanthropic organizations to increase their effectiveness and improve high education. Applegate said he likes the size of the U of I because it's small enough to allow him to make significant changes that would be recognized among other land grant universities.

"It could be a place that really does set new kinds of goals, and people will begin to look at it and say, 'If you want to know what a land grant university is supposed to be about in the 21st century, that's one of them," said Applegate.

Applegate said he believes in a student-centered athletic program that serves the best interest of the university. He said winning is second to serving the best interest of the student players.

There are two more presidential candidates left. The next will be in town on Thursday.