Undeveloped land at Normal Hill Cemetery will soon change

LEWISTON, ID - If everything goes as scheduled, the Normal Hill Cemetery could see some changes as early as next month.

The cemetery, which was first established in the 1800's has seen very little change throughout the years until now. Two master plans have been submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department.
As it stands right now, the budget for the project is $20,000.

"We're asking for a lot of detail," said Lewiston Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker. "We've never had a master plan in the 125 years that the cemetery has been there. And so obviously this step is going to be a huge step for the development of that site."

Right now there are about seven undeveloped acres city leaders would like to see landscaped, because as it stands now, there are fewer than three-hundred plots left.

The two submitted proposals are under review and next week they'll decide how to move forward.