Unifine Flour Mill meeting the demand for locally milled whole grain flour

COLFAX, WA - We all know that whole-wheat flour is a healthier version of the refined white flour, but not everyone is crazy about the taste.

Unifine Mill President Steve Fulton spoke about the demand for re-localization of flour milling at a Colfax Chamber of Commerce luncheon Tuesday afternoon. He said the Unifine system is efficient and compact, and it produces a whole grain flour that's finer, which appeals to people who usually prefer the white stuff.

"The concept of using a whole-wheat pastry flour, a lot of people go, 'What? Really?' But it has kind of a nutty, whole grain taste that's fabulous," said Fulton. "It makes great cakes and cookies."

Fulton said it's a one-pass impact milling system where the grain explodes into the ideal particle size, as opposed to being stone-ground. He said Unifine Milling was developed in the 1940's, and it uses technology developed at Washington State University. He said it's gaining popularity in today's market because there's a growing consumer demand for whole grain flour.