Unique ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' at The Garden Lounge in Moscow

MOSCOW, ID - We have another local ALS 'Ice Bucket Challenge' to show you, but this one's a bit unique.

Bill Cole, Manager of The Garden Lounge in Moscow, completed his ice bucket challenge Sunday, but instead of enduring one bucket, he poured 24.

He announced on social media that anyone who came to The Garden Sunday evening with at least ten-dollars to donate toward ALS could pour a bucket of ice water on his head. He wanted to give those who can't afford to donate much a change to help the cause.

"This is just a drop in the bucket, it could be more," said Cole. "My challenge is for everybody out there to find some sort of orphan disease that doesn't have the support that it should have and if you can't donate money, donate time. Figure out some way to do something."

Cole raised nearly $700. Monday, he donated $550 to sponsor a young girl in the southwest Washington Walk to Defeat ALS and the remaining amount to

To find out more about the walk to defeat ALS visit our website at this is the girl his donation sponsored: