University of Idaho club members put on light show synced to music

MOSCOW, ID - Tuesday was a special night for Moscow residents who enjoyed a unique light show at the University of Idaho.

The 45-minute light show with 10 different animations synced with music was put on by the Association for Computing Machinery club members. This is the third time the national chapter has put on the one-of-a-kind light show using various artists from around the campus to create different presentations.

"We've taken the Theophilus Tower, which is the tallest building on campus, and put an LED light bar in each window," said A.C.M. advisor Bob Rinker. "They're all controlled centrally down in the basement and the light show is synced to the music."

"These animations are things that art students have made here at the university," said A.C.M. President Josh Armstrong. "They submitted it and they're light shows synced to the music."

A.C.M. students originally proposed and implemented the first light show in 2010 using regular incandescent lights in each room, connected together by wires that ran down the hall. The club now uses high power but low voltage red, green and blue L-E-D's, controlled by a micro controller using commands from a laptop out in front.

The next tower light show will be this fall.