University of Idaho formed a task force to prepare for guns on campus law

MOSCOW, ID - Idaho's Guns on Campus law will go into effect this July, and the University of Idaho formed a task force to prepare for it.

U of I President Chuck Staben said the university didn't support the bill that Governor Butch Otter signed into law earlier this month, but Staben said they're prepared to deal with the changes. Staben formed a task force that'll focus on keeping the students safe.

"I don't want to minimize this, it will change some things on campus," said Staben. "But I think that we can deal with this and focus on what we really need to focus on, which is the safety of our students and all the members of our community."

The task force includes faculty, staff, students, and local law enforcement. Staben said they'll decide what changes need to be made in the university's policies to abide by the law, including signage and security procedures. Staben said they'll meet several times over the next couple months because they need an implementation plan by the time the law goes into effect on July first.