University students' views surrounding alcohol abuse behavior

MOSCOW, ID - Idaho's State Board of Education has asked all of its universities to develop an alcohol task force, and to deliver a report about drinking behaviors to the board in their June meeting.

The board talked about the importance of combating unsafe drinking behaviors in a meeting on the University of Idaho campus on Thursday. We asked some U-of-I students how they think the university could reduce alcohol-related injuries and abuse.

"If we're going to put more effort into stopping problems with drinking, with the recent tragedies, we should focus more on awareness of drinking and it's consequences like alcohol poisoning," said student Rose Williamson.

"Maybe making it so there's other options for students instead of just partying on weekends because I know that's kind of a go-to," said student Lindsey Anderson.

The U of I created its task force after two tragic alcohol-related incidents. One student was severely injured after falling off the roof of his fraternity last fall, and earlier this year another student died of hypothermia after leaving a fraternity party on campus.