Unused state funds will benefit Asotin county streets

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Commission approved a major construction project Monday that will bring local roadways and side-streets up to state standards.

Public Works Director Jim Bridges said federally allocated funding for the state went unused so it was handed out to local governments. With the approximately $980,000 the county plans to bring wheelchair accessible ramps up to ADA standards, repave the roadway and repaint the street markings along 15th street. The project would start at Fleshman Way north and go all along 15th street until Bridge Street.

"We can go out and get the bid out and complete the plans this fall, early winter, with construction in the spring time," said Bridges.

The county has a 13.5% match that brings the total approximate price of the project to just shy of $1.2 million.