URA members get updated on FEMA backed construction projects

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency starts off the year with new members and leaders.

Taking the position of chairwoman is Mary Hasenhoerl for this year. Lewiston City Council member, Bob Blakey is vice-chair. Kicking off their first meeting of the new year, URA members got an update in regards to a FEMA backed construction project that would take place in 2015 & 2016. This project ensures long lasting and safe roadways in case of natural disasters like flooding.

"D Street we need to be in and out of there fast," said FEMA II member Shawn Stubbers. "We don't want to impact businesses any longer than we have to if we have to spend a lot of time saw-cutting and trying to save asphalt, it's going to take us time."

The Urban Renewal Agency is in the process of generating projects for the Lewiston City Council. The members will then approve important projects that revitalize the city.