Urban Renewal Agency discuss feasibility of Nez Perce Drive extension

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Urban Renewal Agency is addressing cost concerns surrounding a possible road extension that could create more jobs in the community.

Members of the URA addressed a number of questions surrounding the possible road extension that would stretch from Nez Perce Drive to Gun Club Road. URA Board Member Doug Havens shared with the committee a diagram projecting up to four possible intersections within the mile-long interchange.

"Looking at what he presented here today, it's a lot larger picture than just the extension," said URA Board member Bob Tippett. "We have impacts on other intersections we have to be looking at too."

The agency is looking into the feasibility of the project and whether or not it's practical to go forward with the idea before land owners and developers are on board. Right now costs of the project estimate around $3.2 million.