US Bank donate backpacks taylored for each student's school supply list

MOSCOW, ID - Twenty-seven Moscow children now have brand new backpacks filled with school supplies thanks to US Bank in Moscow.

The downtown branch donated the school kits to children living in the low-income Mercy Housing Hawthorne Village.

Organizers of the donation said they didn't want the parents to have to choose between buying either school clothes or school supplies.
They wanted the kids to have both.

And to make every child feel special, each backpack was tailored specifically to their needs.

"They were specific for the grade that they're in," said US Bank Sales and Service Manager, downtown Moscow Helen Clippenger. "So if they were in the younger grades then they have the crayons, if they were the older grades then they have the pens and the notepads to make sure that they are 100% prepared for the upcoming school year."

US Banks in Nampa and Seattle take part in similar donations each school year.