U.S. Forest service plans to consolidate Nez Perce and Clearwater Forests

Lewiston, ID - The U.S. Forest Service announced plans to combine the Nez Perce and Clearwater Forests as part of a transition that could take several years.

KLEW News spoke with Rick Brazell, the forest supervisor for the Nez Perce/Clearwater Forest Service, who confirmed that the process will be a slow one as they will eventually cut $2 million in staffing, reduce upper management and establish a headquarters in Kamiah. Brazell said that the Forest Service is not leaving the communities of Orofino and Grangeville any time soon, adding that the forest service has a lease at their current building in Grangeville for the next ten years.

Brazell said the slow transition should help keep any job loss to a minimum with expected retirements helping to ease the loss of jobs in the process.