Using Facebook helped find missing Genesee boy

LEWISTON, ID - With the help of Facebook, Savanna Hust played a key role in the safe return of a Genesee boy reported missing.

"Right time, right place you know," said Arby's supervisor Hust.

That and a good set of eyes can make you a hero like Lewiston Arby's supervisor Savanna Hust. Hust was on her break last night scrolling through Facebook when she saw a post describing a missing boy.

"I looked at it and thought, that kind of looks like the kid that's in our lobby right now," said Hust.

Hust was right. Devon Revord, 14, had walked almost 20 miles in the rain and snow to get to Arby's. A feat that takes about seven-and-a-half hours on foot.

"We just figured he was another customer and saw the picture on facebook," said Hust. "You don't really think that's actually going to happen. I see those pictures all the time, but you don't think you're actually going to see them."

"She got flowers from the grandparents which is just awesome," said Happy Day Corp. Vice-President of Operations Pat Rogers. "Corporate Arby's called Friday morning."

Rogers said Hust is getting well-deserved recognition from all angles, but Rogers and Hust both say it's not about them.

"A neat little hometown story," said Rogers. "It's not about Arby's, it's just not about that. It's just a story ending good."

"I'm just happy that he's back home with his family," said Hust.

As for Hust, Rogers said her story makes a pretty good sell for Employee of the Month.

"This one'll be a good one," said Rogers.