Valley air quality remains good, despite wildfires in Southeast Oregon

LEWISTON, ID - Concern over air quality is becoming an issue around the Northwest as fires in the region are creating problems.

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality monitors pollution around the clock and Air Quality Engineer Theresa Hibert said right now the Valley is looking good. The Environmental Protection Agency rates areas by an Air Quality Index.

If the AQI is from 0-50, it means the air is good, 51-100 is moderate pollution and over 100 means the pollution is unhealthy for anyone in the area. The L.C. Valley is currently sitting an AQI of 28.

Hibert said when there is no air movement, pollution tends to get trapped in the Valley. She said air pollution from fires in Southeast Oregon have blown into the area. However thunderstorms are expected for this weekend which should break up pollution and get more air flow into the L.C. Valley.