VFW fund flag pole for American flag at Rose Garden in north Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - A staple of the community is now back to its full glory thanks to the road department, firefighters, city leaders and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The VFW funded the flag pole in north Lewiston's Rose Garden, however a couple weeks ago high winds snapped the top off the 80-foot pole. Part of Highway-12 was temporarily closed Wednesday for the replacement part to be put back on.

Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker said it's important to have a flag flying high for everyone to see as they enter Lewiston.

"We wanted to make a large statement with a large flag pole as the entrance into the north part of town," said Barker. "So our Rose Garden is out here, so it grabs a little more attention to what we're trying to do to beautify the city."

The Lewiston Fire Department helped out by lending their truck and ladder. The American flag is 20 by 30 feet in size.