Victim's family react to son being hit by car

CLARKSTON, WA - A ten-year-old child is recovering Tuesday night after he was hit by a car that was passing on the right side of his school bus.

"It was just horrible because that's a phone call that no parent wants," said mother Johna Chambers.

Highland Elementary student Mark Chambers stayed home with his parents Tuesday after he was allegedly hit by a car yesterday afternoon on 13th street in Clarkston.

"It's hard because as a mom I get over protective of my children," said Johna.

But despite how protective a parent is, most of the unexpected events are out of our hands.

"I look over to that general direction see a whole lot of parked cars and people outside and I panic thinking the worse," said brother Michael Chambers.

Mark was getting off the bus when a car decided to pass on the right hand side and struck Mark.

"He hit the hood and the windshield and bounced off and hit the road," said father Edwin Chambers.

A flood of emotions then began to fill Mark's father, once the school district informed him on what happened.

"All I could think of was to hold him and to keep the other guy away from him," said Edwin. "I was both angry and scared at the same time."

Charges are pending against the man behind the wheel, 52-year-old Greg Ausman. According to the Chambers family Greg visited their household last night.

"I was so angry when I saw him I just asked him to leave," said Edwin.

And while the parents are still angry over what happened they are thrilled that Mark is okay.

"It didn't hurt that bad it's just on my lower back," said Mark.

Law enforcement wants everyone to remember to be extra vigilant around schools and buses.