Vietnam era replica boats cause quite a stir on the river

CLARKSTON, WA - A local company caused quite a stir Wednesday afternoon on the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.

It was merely a promotional photo shoot. Local company ReconCraft, a boat manufacturer that specializes in replicating riverine shallow draft vessels, was filming a video for their company. But to the casual passerby, these Vietnam era boats known as PBR's caused quite a stir thanks to the fake armaments.

"It's a mock 50-caliber machine gun on front," said Asotin County Sheriff Bancroft. "But in no way, shape or form can it fire."

Calls came flooding into the Sheriff's office with concerns that a possible motion picture was being filmed on the river because of the old time look of the boats.

"Trouble is they didn't let law enforcement know they were going to be about here so I've been getting calls trying to find out what's going on here," said Bancroft.

The boats also had markings on the side like Border Patrol and some confused the police lights for the real thing.

"People get a little upset when they see these things out here," said Bancroft. "The boat marked border patrol does belong to them, they're making modifications to that."

Bancroft said the company took their boats farther down the river to finish their promotional shoot after making modifications to their marked vessels.

U.S. Border Patrol had no comment on the replica vessels, however Sheriff Bancroft made them remove the U.S. Border Patrol markings on the boat.