Virtual game gets real for LHS student who willingly burned himself

LEWISTON, ID - Administrators from Lewiston High School said they will not stand for hazing of any sort!

This statement is following an incident where a high school boy was willingly burned by an iron in order to join a clan on a virtual reality game.

Clash of Clans is a game where you build your clan up and defend your village. The popular game is gaining momentum around the nation.

We've been told the incident happened during a DECA trip in Boise when a group of Lewiston High Students took the game too far. An LHS student let himself be burned by a clothes iron in order to join a clan. The burn required him to be taken to the hospital.

LHS Principle Kevin Driskill said the school administration is handling it, but because of confidentiality many details can't be released.

"We've taken it very seriously obviously one of our students was hurt, he's gonna be okay but it's gonna take him a little while for him to heal," said Driskill. "And it affected a lot of our kids. You know some of the parents knew about the game and a lot of them didn't and obviously this is an extreme case. You know how far these kids went."

Driskill said they had the appropriate number of chaperon's on the DECA trip.