Visiting scenic Hell's Canyon is another reason travelers compete in Senior Games

LEWISTON, ID - The Senior Games are a great way for our experienced generations to stay active and have fun, but it also brings so much more to the valley.

One of the biggest impacts the Senior Games has is how it positively affects the local economy. Though you probably will see several locals running around the valley during this time, you'll also see many unfamiliar faces. And talking to them, you may just find out they've come from hundreds of miles away.

So we wonder, is it simply just the need for competition that creates such a huge tourism boost or something else?

"So people are traveling here from long distances, from as far as California, Texas, South Dakota to participate in Senior Games because they want to see Hell's Canyon," said Washington Idaho Volunteer Center Director, Barbara Bush.

Yes, the beautiful sights of Hell's Canyon are something many want to see in their lifetime, and in this case, it's certainly helping stimulate our local economy.