“Vote Yes for Clarkston” Campaign Kicks Off

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In March, Lewiston voted yes on its high school’s students future and voted to build a new high school and to add vocational training opportunities. And now in November, Clarkston residents will vote on if they too will want to add those programs to schools in its district.

Wednesday night the “Yes for Clarkston” campaign held a kick-off rally. And while Clarkston has had proposals similar to this one in the past, the campaign leaders say this time around it already feels much different.

Tim Winter, Superintendent said, "I think our kids deserve a 21st century learning environment, that's what it's really about."

"Yes for Clarkston” is pushing forward a proposition that would improve many aspects of the Clarkston School District, most notably vocational training.

The campaign is set for a vote in November, and until then, the campaign is looking to get enough residents to approve both the cost and the impact on schools.

If accepted, for every thousand dollars of property value, residents would pay $2.49 a month.

For the average Clarkston homeowner, that would translate to about $375.00 a year.

But campaign manager Jen Shuber says the investment is worth the return.

Schuber says, "The kids that are preparing for career technical education, we will have better facilities for them to practice those things, such as welding, woodshop, construction."

And while the major part of the 2011 and 2014 proposals was improvements on Clarkston High School, this time around all Clarkston schools will be included.

But for those who don’t have kids that go to Clarkston schools, Schuber says that the campaign is a necessity for everybody.

Schuber said, "This is not just for the kids. It's a community wide resource. Not only our buildings, but the kids that are coming out of the programs are going to be so much more prepared."

Both Schuber and Superintendent Tim Winter urge everyone to help the school department by voting yes in November.

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