Voters decide fate of Pullman School District levy on February ballot

PULLMAN, WA - This February voters in the Pullman School District will decide whether or not to renew a maintenance and operations levy for 2015 and 2016.

Voters approved the same exact levy two years ago, and the school district hopes they'll renew it so the district won't need to cut any services that aren't funded by the state. Superintendent Paul Sturm said the money goes to things like teacher and employee salaries, AP classes, student clubs, athletics.

"This community has a history of supporting the levy at the level that we run it because they want those programs," said Sturm. "And we just can't run those programs without it."

This maintenance and operations levy is about 22% of the school district's operating revenue, and it's expected to cost taxpayers about $2.93 in 2015, and $2.87 in 2016.

Election day is February 11th, and all registered voters in the Pullman School District will see this levy on their ballot.