WA. Boater Education Card required for boaters operating 15 horsepower watercraft

ASOTIN, WA - Summer is almost here which means boating season is kicking off, but if you plan on taking your boat out on the river there's something you need to do first.

Asotin County Sheriff's deputies want to remind you that Washington's Boater Education Law requires boaters to have their Boater Education Card before going out on the water. This applies to everyone between the ages of 20 and 59 who operate a boat of 15 horsepower or higher.

"One of the more important things is to make sure everybody has a life jacket on board their vessel, that is the proper size and in good condition for each individual," said Asotin County Sheriff Sergeant, Cory Kingsbury.

Kingsbury said there's no speed limit on the water, but boaters should use common sense when operating their boat. Watch out for other boats, make sure lights are on during sunset and sunrise or in foggy conditions. Also, you must have a fire extinguisher on board.
Officers can pull you over at anytime to make sure you have all the required safety equipment.

"Have good common sense out there," said Sergeant Kingsbury. "Don't be drinking and boating; that's definitely something we'll be looking for as we're out doing our patrols. Make sure you have your life jackets on and have a fun and safe summer."

You can get your card online or by attending a class on June 22nd at the Asotin County Sheriff's Office. It costs $40 for the three-hour course and the card, but it lasts a lifetime