Waha Bar and Grill Owner's Statement

WAHA, ID - KLEW News received the following statement from Mike and Mari Fuller, who own the Waha Bar & Grill, concerning their stance not to carry MillerCoors or PepsiCo products.

"After experiencing the past 48 hours, Mari and I now know why it is that so many good-valued people do not take a greater stand or exert a stronger voice against social and political issues they deem un-Christian or personally immoral. Since the original airing of our story Tuesday (July 17) night on KLEW News, we have been bombarded with both support and animosity for taking a stand for our political views. Regarding the positives, thank you and God Bless all of you for your messages of support; however, it has been the barrage of negative, hateful comments from people who disagree with us that has really overwhelmed us. Not only have we now been called bigots, homophobes, and about every profane name in the book, but we have actually received threats to burn our business down.

To help clarify this matter, first of all we are not bigots, homophobes, nor haters of any kind. We are simply Christians who are not only trying to stand up for our personal religious beliefs, but we're also trying to follow the advice of our nation's founding fathers who stressedin order to successfully preserve the democratic-republic form of government they created for usthe importance for us to fulfill our civic duties by becoming responsible, politically-knowledgeable citizens and by remaining active in the political process in a multitude of ways. To us, that means by voting, petitioning, assembling, or, when opportunity presents itself, responding to media interviewers with our candid personal opinions about the political, social, and moral direction our country is headed.

It seems so far as if many of those who have reacted so negatively to our interview are forgetting the importance of the political process that has made this country great. To function adequately, all voices and views should and need to be heard. Not everyone will agree with the views of others, but that is how it's been since our nation's founding. It's a crucial part of the process. The companies that Mari and I have chosen to boycott (see the NGLCC list) have taken their political stands and have made their political opinions known. Cannot we, as private business owners who need to decide which companies we are going to buy our products from, do the same? If we disagree with the political support and financing some of these companies provide to the politicians, politics and social issues that are contrary to our personal beliefs, wouldn't we be failing our democratic system by remaining apathetic and merely ignoring their political activism? Instead, we have tried to voice our position to these companies by doing something that might, hopefully, get their attention: by refusing to purchase their products until they at least become neutral in their political support for what we, as Christians, deem to be immoral behavior (whether that be homosexuality, abortion, or any other act or issue that scripture is quite clear on).

If some of us can remember, it was only a few years back that Christian-influenced boycotts helped persuade Ford Motor Company and McDonalds to stop donating money to politically active organizations like the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. It is our sincere hope that our efforts to boycott the companies supporting the NGLCC, Planned Parenthood and others, will help persuade these companies to end their donations to politically, socially and morally divisive entities, and instead help support universally-supported and just causes such as heart disease, cancer research or world hunger.

Shortly, we will be posting an additional statement/public-response aimed at specifically addressing a few of the negative comments and misconceptions we've received (like how we can operate a bar and still call ourselves Christians, the importance of respecting others' opinions, and God's love for everyoneincluding homosexuals)."

The NGLCC also submitted a statement to KLEW regarding the story. The following statement is from NGLCC Director of Communications Luara Berry.

"The NGLCC is proud of our more than 130 corporate partners, including PepsiCo, MillerCoors, and their industry colleagues, who remain committed to supporting LGBT and allied small business owners. Our corporate partners are essential to the economic development of LGBT-owned small businesses so those employers can continue to create jobs and provide healthcare for their employees."