Wallowa Lake voted Seven Wonders of Oregon State

WALLOWA LAKE, OR - We all know the expression "Working for the weekend."

Well, Sophia Miraglio takes that to a whole new level as she travels to a vacation destination tucked within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

Wallowa Lake was just voted one of the top 'Seven Wonders of Oregon State' and when you take a look around it's no mystery why.

"It's one of the biggest lakes around here," said Wallowa Lake Marina Owner, Casey Barstad. "It's a huge draw for local people as well as, we have people come from Europe, Australia, all over the place it's pretty cool."

Second only to Crater Lake, the crystal clear glacier water is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

"We have paddle board, kayaks, motorboats, we have a pontoon boat," said Barstad. "You know they're very affordable. People always go down to the dock and are always like "oh my god the water's so clear, this is so great it's perfect.' "

Back on dry land the fun continues, with miniature golf, bumper boats and of course go-karts near by.

"It's an amazing time watching them have fun and being a part of that," said Wallowa Lake Go-Karts Owner, Greg Jarman.

The track has been forming memories since 1967.

"Kids came and now they're bringing their grand-kids," said Jarman. "It's just a draw that way."

For all the outdoor adventurist the gondola ride is the perfect way to take your trip to the next level.

"Temperatures are a little cooler up here," said Wallowa Lake Tramway Owner, Mike Lockhart. "We get a lot of people from the Clarkston area. The worst experience you know is Rattle Snake Grade."

But the trip is worth it for the steepest tram in the United States. The 3700' lift takes you to the top of Mt. Howard to enjoy a day of hiking and picturesque views.

"When you walk around the mountain here it's kinda a circular summit, you can see the Seven Devils, in Idaho the Hell's Canyon very clearly this area over here," said Lockhart. "This area over here we call the 'Special Area Royal Purple' which looks into the basin of the Wallowas and down into the mountains. Depending on what time of year it is, the view changes."

And after all the hiking there's no better place to rest your head than the Wallowa Lake Lodge, a piece a history frozen in time.

"The lodge is a little historic oasis of peace and solitude for many people," said Wallowa Lake Lodge General Manager Laura Cosgrove. "They come here because it's low tech, everything is so much like is was back in the 50's."

With no TV's or phones visitors at the lodge look to connect with nature.

"People bring their books they play games, they sit out on the lawn." said Cosgrove. "There's an eagle's nest at the end of the lawn, they bring their binoculars and their telescopes and they watch the chicks when they hatch in the spring. People just enjoy the quiet and the fresh air."