Warner vigil shows outpouring of community support for professor

PULLMAN, WA - More than 100 people gathered for a vigil on the Washington State University campus over the weekend to show their support for a Washington State University professor who was assaulted.

Palouse Reporter Rachel Dubrovin has the latest report on David Warner's condition and spoke with his family and friends at the vigil.

It was a cold and windy evening on the Palouse.

"Almost unreal," said father Dennis Warner.

But that didn't stop a group of more than 100 people from coming together on the Washington State University campus to show their support for Doctor David Warner and share their thoughts about the recent assault that put him in the hospital.

"This is our community, and we need to make sure this presses past Facebook, or Twitter," said WSU graduate student Shawn Lamebull.

Warner's parents say that even though he survived the assault and is showing signs of progress, they still aren't sure of how well he'll recover.

"David's an academic, prepared to make his living teaching at a university," said David. "The damage is severe enough that it could certainly limit his ability."

Warner's mother said that she can feel the support of the Pullman community.

"Honestly, it feels like there is this protective cloak," said mother Cherie Warner.

Cherie Warner reads her son all of the cards that come in for him. The messages of hope and compassion come from friends, family and even from people he's never met.

"I said in my get well card, 'I hope that when you wake up, I get to know you,'" said a women.

"It's really hard to go on without him," said Lamebull.

Warner's friends said the WSU campus just isn't the same without him.

"That one person in your office, where you can always walk by their door and you're wondering how they're getting work done because they're constantly socializing, they're constantly doing something for somebody else, that's Dave," said Lamebull.

"Doesn't matter what race you are, ethnicity you are, doesn't matter if you're poor or you're rich, he knows he can learn something from you," said WSU faculty member Paul Mencke.

Members of the community consider finding Warner's attackers of paramount priority and they want police to find the people responsible for putting the WSU professor in critical condition at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

"I hope that the police investigation turns something up soon," said Lamebull.

In the meantime... Police want you to take a close look at the video here and see if the people circled look familiar, as they are suspects in the brutal beating.

The Pullman Police Department is still investigating the assault and asking witnesses to come forward, and they haven't made any arrests in relation to the case.