Wasden visits LC Valley to update constituents on a variety of issues

LEWISTON, ID - Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden made a stop in Lewiston Wednesday to meet with constituents and members of the media.

KLEW News sits down with Wasden to learn more about his plans for re-election.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has been in office for three terms now, and is seeking a fourth re-election this fall.

"We were able to create a program called 'Protect our Teens' to protect our teens from internet predators," said Wasden. "We've been able to recently expand that to include across the state prosecutions and so we'd like to make certain we're able to finish that project."

The University of Idaho Law School graduate is touring the Palouse this week to talk to constituents about many issues including internet scams, which his office deals with on a daily basis.

"The best tool you can have to avoid being scammed is education," said Wasden. "Understand what's happening. Being able to hang the phone up when they call."

Wasden is one of 28 attorney generals who're urging businesses like Rite Aid and Walgreens to stop selling tobacco. CVS recently took a two-billion dollar cut in revenue to kick tobacco sales to the curb.

"In that vein we didn't threaten litigation; we didn't say regulation," said Wasden. "We said of your own choice in the marketplace we urge you to make that choice to stop selling products that don't make sense in terms of that market itself."

He has faced scrutiny for his involvement in the issue, as some say he's interfering with the free market.

"If we were to litigate with them or we were to threaten legislation or regulate them to death then perhaps," said Wasden. "But the answer is we didn't do any of those things. All we did was say congratulations CVS.

Wasden faces a republican opponent in the primary in May and a democratic opponent for the General Election in November.

"I have the experience to do it and when the going get's tough I've been the guy that's stood up and defended the constitution and represented us and I'll continue to do that," said Wasden.

Wasden is speaking Thursday for an AARP Scam Jam event to educate folks on how to avoid fraud.