Washington Health Plan Finder encourages people to sign-up online before deadline

LEWISTON, ID - The deadline to enroll in health care is fast approaching, and those who don't sign up face tax penalties.

Under the Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare, anyone who doesn't sign up for health coverage by March 31st is subject to a fine of $95, which increases to $325 in 2015.

Despite multiple deadline extensions, Bethany Frey of Washington Health-Plan-Finder said it's finally last call.

"This definitely is the real deadline," said Frey. "The federal government has said that they will not extend the open enrollment deadlines. So it's really important that people don't wait until the deadline."

Frey encourages people to sign-up online instead of sending in paper forms. She said they've also added 500 customer support representatives to minimize wait time on phone calls.