"Washington Health-Plan-Finder" helps Washingtonians find health insurance plan

MOSCOW, ID - Finding a health insurance plan can be intimidating, especially with all the talk about the Affordable care Act and State Health Insurance Exchanges, but the State of Washington is hoping to make that decision easier.

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange recently launched a tool called "Washington Health-Plan-Finder" to help individuals and small businesses find a health insurance plan. The website is designed to compare various qualified health plans, collect financial aid to pay for co-pays and premiums, and offer customer support.

"There's going to be a lot of changes," said Washington Health-Plan-Finder Representative Kris Lattimore. "I think they should really just go on the website, call our call center, one of our biggest challenges has been demand because there's so many people interested. And we're just trying to keep up with demand at this point."

Lattimore discussed the Washington Health Benefit Exchange with individuals and small business owners in Pullman Tuesday morning. He said individuals who are in the market for health care should start by visiting the Washington HealthPlanFinder website to find out if they qualify for a subsidy or tax.