Washington Special Olympians receive medals for aquatic events

LEWISTON, ID - A big event was gong on last Sunday that possibly not too many people know about...but to the people who completed in it or were able to witness, it meant more to them than words can say.

Let's hear from the source how this event made them feel.

"Really excited, really happy." said three special Olympians. "They make me feel just like the queen of the world, a little bit."

That was Conrad Ackerman, Rachel Bishop, and Michele Stedman respectively. Three competitors in last Sunday's Washington Special Olympics. These and other gifted athletes competed in aquatic events such as the freestyle, breaststroke, and relay events.

Yesterday they received their medals for their accomplishments. The excitement and genuine joy was very apparent in these athletes as they put the hardware around their necks and high fived their coach. A big congratulations to all our local special olympians, who all live by the special olympic creed, which is best said by athlete Mark McDonough.

"Let me win," said McDonough. "If I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."