Washington State Legislature bill could ban smoking in cars with a minor

PULLMAN, WA - Washington state lawmakers are considering a measure that would make it illegal for anyone to smoke while in a car with minors.

The bill says smokers who light up a cigarette, pipe or cigar in a moving or parked car with a minor inside could be fined $125 for the first offense, and $250 after that.

We asked some Washington residents in downtown Pullman for their thoughts on the bill, and everyone we talked to agreed that adults shouldn't be smoking around kids. However, some people were concerned about the government infringing on people's rights.

"Second-hand smoke is so dangerous and can cause cancer, and when kids are young they don't have the ability to say no or not be around it," said Pullman resident Carolyn Ammons. "So I think it's definitely a good idea."

"I just don't like government controlling every little aspect of what we do," said Pullman resident Betty Leinweber. "And one of these days they'll say, 'You can't blink three times on the road, or we will stop you.'"

The bill said the traffic infraction would not become part of the driver's record, or be available to insurance companies or employers.