Washington State Liquor Board releases marijuana dispensary rules

CLARKSTON, WA - The Washington State Liquor Control Board said 334 pot shops can open up in the state, two of those will be in Asotin county.

The number of retail stores allowed is based on population size. But the restrictions that come with selling marijuana might make it hard to open up shop in Clarkston. Stores need one-thousand feet of space between schools, parks and other places where children tend to be.

"We've put together maps that also show the one-thousand foot radius from the property line so we have a pretty good idea of what space is available for retail marijuana business," said Clarkston Police Chief, Joel Hastings.

Right now, it's legal to carry marijuana if you're over 21 and you have less than an ounce. But selling it is out of the question. Hastings said you can't grow it either.

Up in Whitman county, Pullman's large population gets the county four dispensaries. In fact, one of the head shops in Pullman plans to apply to be a marijuana retail seller. Like Asotin county, the zoning and planning department hasn't released the restricted areas yet. But Glassphemy Owner Willow Falcon said she's excited for the possibilities.

"I will file an application," said Falcon. "I'm not certain how profitable it will be at this point and I don't know what the sources will be for obtaining marijuana products for retail sales."

Retailers interested in selling pot can apply in November through the Washington State Liquor Control Board. But there won't be a monopoly for weed sellers. Corporations and individuals can only get up to three licenses.