Washingtonians lose millions when foregoing filing tax returns

CLARKSTON, WA - The IRS is holding nearly $760-million worth of uncollected tax returns for those who didn't file in 2010, and the numbers in Washington are staggering.

According to IRS Spokeswoman Karen Connelly, taxpayers in the state of Washington didn't collect $23-million worth of 2010 tax money. In Idaho, only $2.6-million went uncollected. That's approximately 25,000 people in Washington who didn't file and about 3,500 folks in Idaho. Connelly said it's an easy process to do but the deadline is quickly approaching.

"What forever reason. Maybe they thought it was too big of a hassle to get some money back," said Connelly. "Basically though, more than half of the potential refunds are over $500. So really it's a good deal to get it done."

If you haven't filed your 2010 federal income tax return you must do so by April 15th to get any money back. You can get the necessary information and forms on I-R-S-DOT-GOV.