WA.State Liquor Control Board holds lottery for pot shop applicants in April

PULLMAN, WA - People in Washington could see recreational marijuana stores open their doors this summer.

Washington State Liquor Control Board member and former State Senator Chris Marr spoke about Initiative 502 at Washington State University's Foley Institute Thursday afternoon. Marr said now that the state has established a set of rules, they could start issuing licenses to producers within the next few weeks, which could be an interesting process.

"There's no such thing as legal marijuana, what do you do?" said Marr. "Well what we decided to do is on the day you, the producer, get your license, you have 15 days to bring plants or seeds into your system. We really don't want to know where they came from. We just want them to be registered in the system."

Producers will have to trace their product using a system to medical marijuana producers. Every plant will have its own bar code, and it'll be scanned every time product is removed. In April, they plan to hold a retail license lottery for all the applicants that want to open up a pot shop. The board plans on issuing more than 300 licenses to retailers, but they've already received more then 2,000 applications. Marr said recreational marijuana stores could open as early as June.