Watchdog group unveils plan for Lewiston High School

LEWISTON, ID - Members from the group Taxpayers Against Unfair Taxation, also known as TAUT, unveiled their plan of renovating Lewiston High School to a large audience Thursday night.

Chairman of the watchdog group, David Estes said voters will never pass the $52 million bond that the school district wants, which is why the plan designed by members of TAUT favors levies and is divided into phases. The three phase plan promotes renovation as the best option for the aging Lewiston High School, not re-building.

"I don't think we need a new high school," said TAUT member Ken Krahn. "I think we need to concentrate on educating our kids and moving our classes to smaller sizes."

TAUT Chairman David Estes said that the proposed plan will save taxpayers money, since it would be funded by an interest free levy. The first step of the three phase plan calls for the construction of a $15 million STEM building, which will house science, technology, engineering and math departments.