West Enhancement Project in Lewiston is behind projected schedule

LEWISTON, ID - The project to add to the canoe wave sculpture in west Lewiston has suffered yet another set back.

The West Enhancement Project, which was scheduled to finish up in early June, is now set to finish in late September. According to Lewiston Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker, two retention walls will be finished by the end of this week, but the muralist for the project won't begin painting the west side of the Sonoco building until the end of August. Barker said although the project is behind schedule, it will be a nice addition to the community once it's finished.

"With the Canoe Wave that's currently just standing there alone, it doesn't look like it's got a real home," said Lewiston Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker. "I think once we finish up the landscaping and get the mural in, it's going to look really nice, it's going to finish up really nicely."

Hells Canyon Rock will finish clearing and prepping the site after the 80-tons of basalt rock are put into place around the Canoe Wave.

Crews will finish landscaping and planting native plants while installing irrigation in August and September as the muralist sets up to begin painting the mural behind the canoe.