What the Crepe Moscow fills the void of late night breakfast establishments

MOSCOW, ID - The Palouse experienced a very wet and snowy Thursday night, but downtown Moscow drew a large crowd of people who were craving crepes.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin explains why people of all ages are willing to brave the cold for a hot crepe.

A new local business has people in Moscow thinking, "What the Crepe?"

"We serve crepes," said What the Crepe Moscow Co-Owner Don Charles. "That's what we specialize in. Our crepes are more like a meal than anything This is a 16 inch skillet. If you got hit with this, you'd be really sad."

Last November, Don Charles and Dave Darrow started setting up a crepe tent to feed the late-night appetite of Moscow's night owls.

"So a lot of times, people get out of the bars late at night, and they want to go a place for breakfast, guess what, there's nowhere to eat breakfast really in Moscow late at night," said Charles.

Now they're open four nights a week with earlier hours on Wednesday and Thursday that allow them to serve the entire community.

"Local Moscow residents with families and kids can show up and get a crepe," said Charles.

"They're kind of like tortillas and I've been always a big fan of tortillas, but like, chocolate stuffed," said customer Billy Croston. "That just makes it way better. And when I tried my first crepe, I really, really liked it."

A hot crepe is a perfect way to warm up on a chilly night like tonight. This is a Nutella crepe and it's one of their most popular flavors.

"It is amazing," said customer Jess Broyles. "The chocolate, and little bit of powdered sugar on top, just tops it off just right. It's delicious."

"We serve everything from sweet to savory crepes," said Charles. "Basically, our philosophy is to put stuff that we'd like to eat in anything else, like a sandwich or a hamburger or whatever, or put it in a crepe."

Charles said they take a lot of pride in their product.

"Sometimes we'll have them stay around here and take a few bites with us watching because we want to make sure they like it," said Charles.

And when it comes to their name

"It's kind of a modern catchphrase, you know, I don't want to use the real phrase, but you see it a lot in texting, and it just fits, so it just kind of stuck," said Charles.

"What the Crepe Moscow" is open from 6:00 till 9 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, and 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. You can find them on the corner of First and Main, and they plan to open an indoor location in a few months.