Whitman Co. adopts 2013 budget during last meeting of 2012

COLFAX, WA - Whitman County Commissioners adopted the 2013 budget Monday morning during their last meeting of the year.

The approved 2013 budget for Whitman County is more than $59.5 million. It includes a deficit of about $200,000, which was filled with cash from the reserve fund.

"Well there isn't any particular obstacle other than the fact that expenses exceed revenues, and when you get to that sort of problem, then you have to get your pencil out, sharpen it, and find ways to cut," said Whitman County Commissioner District Three Michael Largent .

Largent is the only commissioner that will continue to serve in 2013. He said that even though the county's money is tight, he is impressed with how well the budget director negotiated with department heads and elected officials to pass this budget. Largent also said that he hopes to adopt a budget sooner next year, as opposed to waiting to the last day of December.

Art Swannack and Dean Kinzer will replace commissioners Greg Partch and Pat O'Neill in January.