Whitman County and city of Pullman join WSU Everbridge Mass Notification System

PULLMAN, WA - Whitman County and the city of Pullman have taken another step forward in keeping their residents safe.

The city of Pullman and Whitman County have joined on to Washington State University's Everbridge Mass Notification System for emergency alerts.

This will allow the county and the city to reach thousands of residents within seconds in the case of an emergency, disaster or safety hazard.

Currently all landlines are being processed into the system but it's up to you to make sure you stay in the loop.

"We want people to log in and create their own accounts so that they can provide us the numbers that will work for them because a lot of times a home phone isn't the best place to get a hold of someone in the event of an emergency," said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

Visit to sign up, or go to the Pullman Police Department website and select "Emergency Notification System."