Whitman County residents vote for Sheriff in Primary election

PULLMAN, WA - Tuesday is Primary Election day in Washington and the Whitman County Sheriff's office is up for grabs on the ballot.

Jenee' Ryan introduces us to the candidates.

For the past two elections only one name appeared next to the office of Sheriff on Whitman County ballots, but this year there are two, current Sheriff Brett Myers and Opposer Adam Assenberg

"The reason I am running for Whitman County Sheriff is because the current sheriff does not honor Washington State constitution," said Whitman County Sheriff Candidates Adam Assenberg.

Assenberg is a vocal marijuana user and advocate. He was raided in 2011 but the charges were later dropped and his marijuana returned to him. He is now pursuing a $6 million lawsuit against Whitman County and the Quad-Cities Drug Task Force

He feels law enforcement abuses power and doesn't protect citizens. He said this is what made him want to run for sheriff.

His qualifications?

"I worked for six years as a security officer while I was waiting to go to school to become a LA police officer and I've done a lot of studying of the laws in this state as well as other states," said Assenberg.

He said, if elected, he plans on keeping an open book of where tax dollars go, to protect Whitman County residents from the DEA and

"I would concentrate a lot more on property crime," said Assenberg. "There's a lot of problems in this county with property crime, there's a lot of problems with crystal 'methalines' and all kinds of other drugs that are being ignored and we need to go ahead and put a crack down on this."

The current Whitman County Sheriff, Brett Myers, grew up in Pullman, graduated from WSU and has worked for the sheriff's office for nearly 20-years total.

He said if re-elected for a fourth term as sheriff, he plans on continuing to foster relationships with other law-enforcement agencies like police departments and the FBI.

"We work very closely with the other agencies so that we can share information, work together, and hopefully when we work closely together we're more effective at doing our job as law enforcement officers," said Myers.

Myers also said he plans on keeping the sheriff's office community oriented and involved in community service.

He said his track record speaks for itself.

"The last 12 years, I think, shows that I have the leadership to bring the sheriff's office forward for the next four years if not longer," said Myers.

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