Wide variety of goals submitted for City of Pullman consideration

PULLMAN, WA - Mayor Glenn Johnson is asking the citizens of Pullman for suggestions to help the city council create a list of goals for the new year.

In February the city council will hold a special meeting to create a list of things they'd like to accomplish in 2014. Johnson said they're accepting input from community members, organizations and city leaders, and they're willing to consider a wide range of issues.

"We have had a variety of suggestions," said Pullman Mayor Glenn Johnson. "Whether it brings a new kind of retail, or different kinds of things we should do in the community, we've had a variety of them."

The deadline for suggestions is January 31st. Johnson said not all suggestions will make the list of goals, but they're all considered and appreciated. You can submit an idea online by going to the city's website or by sending it to City Hall.
The mailing address should read as follows:
Mayor Glenn Johnson
City of Pullman
325 SE Paradise Street