Wild Turkey hunting season kicks off in Idaho

LEWISTON, ID - If you haven't purchased your turkey hunting license yet, you may want to do it soon because wild turkey season opened Tuesday.

Before you go out hunting for turkeys this weekend you'll need to purchase both tags and a license. Idaho Fish and Games Regional Conservation Educator Jen Bruns said there are specific rules for hunters to follow.

"One bearded turkey is allowed per day," said Bruns. "So there are two different types of tags folks can get. And one is a general season tag and then the other one is an extra tag and both can be used in the spring for a bearded turkey which is a tom..a male."

If you don't harvest a turkey in the spring, tags can also be used in fall.

"Turkey hunting is a very popular sport in Idaho, in our region and we just want to encourage folks to get out there even if you've never tried turkey hunting to do so and to just be safe when you're out there in the woods," said Bruns.

General hunting season runs from April 15th through May 25th for the Clearwater region. You can find more information about turkey hunting on Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife's website. There you'll find prices for tags, licenses and a list of hunting rules and regulations.

For a link to fish and game's website, just head to our KLEW News Facebook page. You can also buy your tags at the fish and game office in Lewiston.