Wildfires cause Idaho Co. Commissioners to sign Emergency Declaration

GRANGEVILLE, ID - The Idaho County Commissioners signed an emergency declaration Tuesday as wildfires continue to threaten the region.

Disaster Management Coordinator Jerry Zumalt said the declaration gives the commissioners the power to utilize all local resources needed to support the costs incurred by the fires. It also gives them the freedom to call upon state and federal assistance if they need it.

Zumalt said it's the residents and their livelihoods that the commissioners are concerned about.

"There's logging operations, there's ranchers with cattle out in there in their grazing allotments," said Zumalt. "So it's commerce and industry as well as public safety that the commissioners are worried about."

Zumalt said as of Tuesday, it's been reported that there's 134,000 acres burned in the county and he expects that the figure will be larger after Wednesday.