Winter Spirit light display decorating takes a lot of work

LEWISTON, ID - Christmas lights are often on the mind for just one month of the year, but for dedicated community members of the Lewis-Clark Valley, it's a year long project.

"We start out getting sponsors to help us fund the lights, come up with new themes or displays, test the lights after they come down put them away wrap them up, test them again as we're putting them up because there's always some that don't work, the electrical situation," said Winter Spirit Board Vice President Sandy Burton.

"We spent a month or so in the summer rewiring the church, last year we made 30 or 40 snowflakes for bridge street," said Clarkston Christmas Lights Treasurer John Peacock.

Without the nearly 100 volunteers, more than one-million lights and an endless amount of Christmas spirit, the Valley just wouldn't be the same at Christmas.

"It's an enjoyable thing," said Peacock. "I've always enjoyed decorating my house and when I got on the committee, I enjoyed being a part of it. They're good people."

"When they push that plunger and the lights go on at night, it just is a wonderful display of light and we really feel that our efforts were well worth it," said Bunton.

The nightly spectacles at the park can be enjoyed through New Year's Day.