Winter storm leads to messy roads on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - The Palouse was hit with more snow than expected Monday morning, which led to messy roads and a lot of shoveling.

A snowstorm isn't the most ideal way to start the week.

"I woke up to hearing a plow and I was like 'No way,'" said U of I student Ashley Bueckers.

Then again, a few inches of fresh snow never hurts. University of Idaho students Nicole Johnson and Ashley Bueckers decided to use it as an excuse to try something new.

"We're going to try to learn to cross country ski down the Palouse Path," said Bueckers.

The Palouse didn't see any serious accidents, and neither Pullman or Moscow had school closures due to the weather. But the snow made it a stressful morning for some drivers.

"I just watched one go the wrong way on a one-way," said Pullman Chevron Owner Alan Keasal. "Waiting to hear a crash... I didn't hear it."

More than anything, lots of snow means lots of shoveling. James Larkin said he spent a few hours shoveling the walkway at the Hope Thrift Shoppe in Moscow.

"It's not too bad, I kind of like it," said Hope Thrift Shoppe Volunteer James Larkin. "It keeps me busy and I try and enjoy the snow."

And Pullman Chevron Owner Alan Keasal didn't seem to mind either.

"Trying to keep the snow clear so the customers are safe," said Keasal. "First day of school for the students, it's going to be tough on them."

The snow started to melt by the afternoon, which means that drivers will need to be cautious as the moisture re-freezes and turns to ice.

Both the Moscow and Pullman police departments reported that there were only a few minor accidents due to the storm, and that no one was injured.