Winter storm system does not create any school closures on the Palouse

MOSCOW, ID - Here on the Palouse the snow is really coming down but school is still in session.

"Hey look, more snow," said a male.

All over the Palouse, the week has started off white with cities like Pullman and Moscow getting a few inches of new snow overnight.
Towns with a Higher elevation like Colfax and Troy saw more snow but it wasn't enough to shut down any schools Monday.

"It's difficult for parents when we close school because they have to make other arrangements, so we really do try to keep school open if we possibly can," said Pullman School District Superintendent Paul Sturm.

Sturm said that when it comes to closures, it's more than just a matter of inches.

"It depends on the situation," said Sturm. "It depends on how much snow, how much wind, temperatures can be a factor in there, timing is also a factor."

Sturm said that early morning storms are more likely to close schools than ones that happen the night before because they have less time to clear it.

"Typically we don't close if we can roll our buses safely," said Sturm.

Both universities stayed open as well. For University of Idaho students Mathew Pickar and Neil Mickelson, that meant a mile and a half walk in the cold weather.

"The University of Idaho isn't really good at canceling any of their classes," said U of I student Neil Mickelsen. "They like to make sure everybody shows up everyday."

But you won't hear them complain.

"Just makes the walk to school a little bit slower and a little bit longer, but other than that it's just another day," said U of I student Mathew Pickar.

Officials are expecting a lot more snow over the next couple of days, so they say watch for school closures and issues on the roads.