Witnesses testify in the murder trial of Frank Lazcano

COLFAX, WA - The Frank Lazcano trial continued Tuesday with witness testimonies from people who were at or near the scene of the crime the night that Marcus Schur was murdered.

"I got on the other phone and called my mother," said Marcus Schur's brother David Cramer. "Right after that, I said, 'Marcus has been shot. He's dead.'"

The state started the day by asking Frank's brother Daniel to testify. Daniel exercised his right to refuse to do so.

"Is it your intention to take the fifth amendment throughout this trial with Frank Lazcano?" said Deputy Whitman County Prosecuting Attorney Dan LeBeau.

"Yes it is," said subpoenaed witness Daniel Lazcano.

Then, the state called the victim's brother David Cramer to the witness stand. He admits that he and his brother stole from the Lazcanos.

"Marcus found some guns," said Cramer. "I told him to leave them. He took them, and two days later we brought them back."

Cramer said that on the night of the murder, Frank forcefully entered Nicolas Backman's house, where he and his brother were having dinner.

"He asked if I was David, I said, 'Yeah.' said Cramer. "That's when the door swung open and Frank hit me about two or three times in the face, then knocked me down."

Cramer said that after that, he heard gunshots and saw muzzle flare. However he didn't actually see his brother get shot, or what kind of gun was used.

"I don't remember," said Cramer. "I blocked that out."

The state also called on James Wendt to testify. He lives near Backman's house, and he made the call to 9-1-1.

"How many people did you see?" said LeBeau.

"There was a driver and a passenger," said witness James Wendt.

Wendt said that he heard two gunshots and saw a man pick up a long object and put it in the car before driving off.

"I have a suspicion that it could have been a gun," said Wendt.

The state's witnesses seemed to agree that after hearing gunshots, someone put a long, metal object in the back of a white sedan, and that two people were in that car. But, none of them are able to say who shot Marcus, or who was with Frank that night.

The Frank Lazcano trial will continue Wednesday morning, and KLEW-News will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments.