Wolf hunting season now open in Idaho through March 31, 2014

LEWISTON, ID - Hunting season is fast approaching as Idaho's statewide wolf hunting season opens on Friday.

The 2013-2014 wolf hunting season runs through March 31st in most areas. One person may buy up to five wolf hunting tags, but may only use two wolf tags in some parts of the state in a calendar year. Fish and Game officials said that the season typically starts off pretty slow, however hunters shouldn't get discouraged.

"For a lot of folks it's the first opportunity to get out and get in shape or find out what shape their in," said ID.Dept. of Fish & Game Wildlife Manager Jay Crenshaw. "And so we'll have a lot of people in the field and as far as numbers they'll take, that tends to pick up as the season goes on."

Every wolf killed must be reported to Fish and Game officials.
For complete rules and to find out what other seasons are kicking off in Idaho, head to our Facebook page where we've posted a link to their website.